Making Time

Daily Movement Thread, Saturday, January 14, 2017 edition: Making Time.

We say that casually sometimes, “I need to make time for XYZ.” And of course, shy of fantastical artifacts like a time-turner from the Harry Potter universe or the Tartis from Doctor Who, none of us actually *MAKES* time. We know that this slang for setting a priority and keeping those priorities when schedules shift or are impacted with changes.

How have you been “making time” for the movement that you choose, that you prioritize? Are there schedule changes you are interested in? Are there priority shifts you desire? Are your priorities affected by other people and circumstances? Have you found some creative ways to”make time” in between other commitments?

As you move or rest today, know that there are people who are cheering for you and who understand some of the struggles you face. 💙💜❤️