Movement as Poses and Slow-Mo

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday April 16, 2017 edition: Movement as Poses and Slow-Mo

Do you ever work on Movement in slow motion or with long-held poses?

Yesterday, after soaking and stretching in the hot tub, I sat on a bench to cool down. And I thought about posture and arm strength. I started setting up various poses to hold and move in slow-motion, just to examine and think about alignment and muscles. Today, I thought about the simple act of going from a prone position in bed to seated positions.

Some activities thrive on this approach–yoga, Tai chi, and others. Some warm-up or cool down routines emphasize slow and deliberate movement.

Whatever you have planned today–holidays, family, friends, travel, or staying in–if you are stumped on an idea for movement today, consider trying some slow-mo or held poses and see what you can discover in them.

How will you move today?