Moving in Space

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday March 16, 2017 edition: Moving in Space

I always have to look up the technical names for the three ways you can divide your body on different planes. There’s our left/right halves (divided on the sagital plane), our front/back halves (divided on the coronal or frontal plane), and our top/bottom halves (divided on the transverse plane). I could rotate front/back (with a somersault, a front flip, or a back flip), I could rotate side/side (like a cartwheel), or I could turn in cicles (the easiest of these rotations). Also I can play with the alignment on any of these planes, whether staying aligned or breaking that alignment on purpose.

These directions and planes help me when I’m trying to stretch or when I’m analyzing a dance move. I like to think about directions in space, angles, and mirrored movement (especially when only one body part hurts — comparing the pained spot with the opposite unpained spot).

Do you ever think about how you’re moving through space in your activity, movement, or exercise? Do you ever modify the directions or the angles of your alignment to improve what you’re working on? (For some of you, this might even be the *core* of your favorite activities.)

I’m curious: How do you move through space?