Moving Purposefully

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, June 14, 2017 edition: Moving Purposefully

Often people will engage in two different types of movement in their life: On-going regular movement and purposeful movement. On-going regular movement might be observed with a pedometer as you walk through your day. Purposeful movement could include going outside for a walk that is in addition to your regular schedule.

I would like to strongly suggest that your regular movement should never be discounted as less worthy or not as helpful as intentional exercise or workouts. Certainly when you are getting started on awareness of movement, it can be extremely helpful to celebrate this regular movement in your life. And whenever we are recovering from injury, regular movement can no longer be assumed. Movement during times of recovery is very purposeful.

When you have found that regular movement in your normal day is not enough challenge for you and you want to do more, or you have very specific goals that you are working toward, then it usually requires that you determine how to use the time available in your day for those purposeful activities. Sometimes we need to be extremely creative to fit purposeful movement into a very full schedule. You might not be able to find an hour block of time together, but maybe you can find four separate blocks of 15-minutes each.

To move purposefully, you decide how and when. Even if your life seems mostly out of your personal control, there just might be ways to choose your purposeful movement.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?