Not So Shiny

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, January 29, 2018 – Not So Shiny

What keeps you from moving? What keeps you held back? Some of us, it’s the sense that we’re not “ready” to go work out or exercise or move. Today, it’s knees. Tomorrow, it’s lower back. Next week, it’s laundry. Last week, it was the flu.

Okay, in all reality, you do need to know how to rest and recover when you have injuries or illness. And yes, sometimes your obligations in life make it really quite challenging, some days near impossible, to add *anything* else to your thoughtful movements.

But what if you just started to move even within your current limitations? If you sat up in bed, have you considered “sitting up twice” in bed to engage your abs? Honestly, some days all I seem to have in me is to perch on the edge of the bed, get prepared to pull on some clothing, and then remember, “Hey, I could lie back on the bed and sit up again. That’s a sit up.” And I might even have the strength to do five or ten “edge of the bed sit ups.”

These efforts matter. They count. You really can take your “not so shiny” parts and still move them with intention.

Which part of your body is feeling not so shiny lately? Can you make an intentional movement happen today for yourself?