Organized to be Lazy

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, June 15, 2017 edition: Organized to be Lazy

Friends who observe me in a frenzy of activity sometimes lament that they aren’t as organized as I am. I usually reply that it is completely movitated by laziness. And they aren’t sure what I mean.

When I set things up in advance, it’s so that I can be lazy later. I also joke that I love when “Past Me” is thinking about “Future Me.” When “Present Me” reaps the benefits, I’m always thankful to “Past Me.”

For example, if you set up your clothing at night for the next morning, then when you get up, you’re already ready to put on those clothes. You’ve saved time in the morning with your setup at night. Or if you always put your keys on a hook by the door, then you spend no time looking for them. They are right there.

The main reason I try to be organized is so that I can be casually lazy later. The work was already done in advance. I like to pack my dance bag neatly because when I race into class, everything is already sorted and on top, ready for my use. I like to set alarms on my calendar on my phone, so when I need to know there’s a task to do or an appointment to keep, the pop-up reminder already has the directions, phone numbers, and packing lists right there.

Do you ever set things up in advance to save time later? Does this affect your ability to do movement or exercise or activities? Are there any steps you could take today to help future you?