Plan of Action

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, June 7, 2017 edition: Plan of Action

You could react to your schedule, or you could have a Plan of Action. A Plan might break down like this:
(1) I want to do this movement or activity (on this day/time, for this frequency…).
(2) I am about to do this.
(3) I am doing this!
(4) I did it!
(5) I want to do this next movement or activity…

Any plan might have flexibility built in. (A) I want to do this movement or activity three times this week. If Tuesday goes south, I have time on Wednesday instead.

Or your plan might be less specific. (B) I want to do this movement or activity every night before bed, at least six nights per week. So if I skip one night, I’d like to not skip any more nights.

Obviously health, injury, and other interruptions from family or work could throw off your schedule or plan. And having the freedom to let that go by without shaming yourself is a new skill for many people. We may have spent years berating ourselves over our failures rather than accepting the past for what it is and readjusting for the present and future.

But I will strongly suggest: If you do not make a plan of action and *schedule* that plan, what you have is a wish, not a plan. [Credit to Angela Never and Cera Byer for teaching me this point.]

So what is your plan today? What is your plan for tomorrow? Have you scheduled your plan lately?