Daily Movement Prompts: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 edition: Posture

How has posture affected your movements of choice? How have your movements affected your posture?

Consider focusing on the various points of posture in your day today. Your feet strike the ground in walking, running, hiking, dancing — how’s the angle of the pressure on your toes, your heel, your ankles? Posture continues through your knees and hips, even before the obvious posture along your spine. There are so many moving points in your torso that “posture” can be a broad term that includes neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, and rib cage (among others).

Everything we do with our bodies can be affected by our posture habits as well as the natural state of our body on any given day: How you lie down, the pressure points on your hips or back, the way in which you sit, how you stand, walk, run, dance, swim, and how you move your body through weight lifting, strength building, stretching, and certainly yoga — all affected by and making changes to your posture.

As you choose to rest or move today, how does your awareness of posture affect your choices?