Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday November 10, 2016 edition:

I missed posting yesterday. I was consumed with personal grief. One of my most important rules is that there is *personal choice* in how you get to go about your day. You can grieve, you can feel emotion, you can sit, stand, run, fight — whatever YOU choose.

Today’s movement prompt is Reflection. Consider taking time to *really* consider how you decide what to do with your days. Do you react? Do you plan? Do you set goals? Do you survive the best you can? There is nothing wrong with your own choice how to face your day. Some days are more un-faceable than others.

As you refect and study how you approach your days, you can decide how you like what you have discovered. You can embrace your own set of methods. You can make refinements. You can be unsettled. You can overturn the apple cart and make wild changes. You can work on solo efforts. You can embrace teams and communities.

It is *your* choice.

And I support you making your own choices.

Today, I fly to Missouri. Tomorrow, I start dance workshops with other dancers. My movement today will be a solo choice. My movement for the next three days after that will be structured with a large community.

I will come home changed by the experience.

And in all things, I am still dedicated to being a light in the darkness. I want to be a light in your lives, if there is a way for me to do that. And if that includes dance by your side, I welcome to honored place to dance in your life.

Today’s music is your choice. Please, let me know how your day goes. Because I really care about each of you, so much.