Repetitions and Repetitions

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, February 13, 2017 edition: Repetitions and Repetitions

How do you feel about repetitions in your life and in your movement choices? Do you enjoy drills because they help you find something familiar? Is it like a meditation to you, to repeat a move or a drill or a routine? Do you enjoy the minutiae of your repetitive work, finding new ways to understand the basics more thoroughly?

Or does repetition drive you batty? Are you happier when you can mix things up and have more variety? Do you rotate your drills so that you don’t get bored with repetition?

Have you ever come back to an old move, old exercise, old routine, old path and found a new love for something that you had set aside (out of frustration or out of boredom)?

How will you move today? Does it feel repetitive? Is that a good thing or somewhat frustrating? How are you handling that?

Or is today a rest and recovery day? Is the repetition of recovery frustrating you? How will you handle that, too?

Sending lots of hugs.
Sending lots of hugs.
Sending lots of repetitive hugs.
Sending lots and lots of repetitive hugs.
And at least one wee cheerleader: *\o/*