Rescheduling Yourself

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, April 19, 2017 edition: Rescheduling Yourself

I had the cutest conversation with a student tonight. Her: “Wow! My arms can still feel it from last week!” Me (and others): “There was no class last week!” Her: “I mean, I can still feel it from last time!” Me: “Maybe set a reminder to do at least one practice between classes?” Her: “Oh, I have reminders! My phone goes off and I just say, Ugh, I can’t do *that* right now.” Me: “Ah. Then you may need to RESCHEDULE that reminder and *do* when it comes back.”

I cannot count how many times I have rescheduled reminders on my phone. But the key is that I cannot just dismiss a reminder. I have to still *do* the thing I want to do. But I can reschedule it (infinitely) until I *do* the thing.

Do you use reminders or appointments to get yourself time for movement? How do you reschedule those appointments when it needs to be pushed out later?

How have you been moving lately?