Research to Move Better

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, February 17, 2017 edition: Research to Move Better

Several times lately in conversations with folks about different types of movement, someone has mentioned research that was in support of their activity. Dancers might study technique DVDs. Any athlete might study physiology to better understand their muscles and anatomy to improve their sport. Some movement practices include philosophical considerations (Tai Chi or Yoga, for example). And of course anyone using equipment might have to research the effect of different apparatus uses or types. Runners might explore the techniques of marathoners or ultra-marathoners. Cyclists could study up on different bikes, different training regimens, or different terrains.

When you’ve decided to go beyond your first experience with an activity, what kinds of research do you lean towards? Do you solicit personal advice from trainers or other practitioners? Do you read articles and reviews online? Do you look for DVDs or books on your activity of choice?

What research have you been interested in lately? What research might you consider if you’ve never gone that route?

How will you move today?