Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday June 16, 2017 edition: Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Do you find comfort in repetition? Or do you chafe under repetition as boring? When each day rolls around, is it exciting to repeat your movement habits? Is there something reassuring about the same yoga routine or tai chi patterns or going for a walk or out on a run? Do you enjoy the predictability of a dance drill that you’ve done before or the simplicity of swimming laps?

Do you notice new things in each repetition? Or do you have variability built into your routines that help keep things fresh?

Some movement lends itself to variety easily. Going climbing at the gym, you might take a new route up the wallk or you might still be trying to conquer a section that has been stumping you. If you walk, run, or bicycle regularly, you could take different routes and vary the number of hills you take. Even outdoor routes at different times of day can freshen up the workout. Dancers can vary the music, the moves, even the emotional presentation that you’re working on.

If you’re using weights and machinery, you can vary the order, the speed, the intensity, the repetitions, and the weights on any exercise. If you’re focusing on stretching and flexibility workouts, you can vary the time spent in any pose or stretch, as well as vary the order of your routine.

What movement do you have planned today? What movement could you work on that you hadn’t planned? What rest and recovery do you have in mind?

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