Sections of Our Bodies

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, March 30, 2017 edition: Sections of Our Bodies
Do you have a moment style to separates and maybe even alternates which part of the body you’re working on in any given exercise or drill? Weight lifting often focuses on “leg day” versus “arm day” or “upper body day” for workout routines, and specifically has people alternate between the two. Progress cannot continue well if the same area never has a chance to recover from the last workout.
Dancers, Yoga practioners, and many Martial Arts styles might go through specific warm-up and drill routines that progressively build through the different parts of the body. My dancer warm-up focuses from the feet, up through hips, centers on the torso, works the arms and shoulders, and ends with a wrap-up for the whole body.
How do you build up your body in sections? What part of the body have you been working on lately? What have you been neglecting? What could you do *TODAY* to move your body?