Daily Movement Prompts, Monday December 5, 2016 edition: Simplicity

Essentially, what simply WORKS in your life?

Can you just get up and stretch? Can you just get up and dance for a whole song? Can you just get up and go for a walk? Is spur-of-the-moment what works for you?

Or is it planning an appointment on your calendar that works? If you sign up for a class, you’ll go to class? If you reserve your lunch for a walk, do you go on the walk? If you get up 30-minutes early to do yoga, do you get up early and get it done?

Or is it having a partner that works for you? When you get the phone call, do you meet your partner and get in your workout? Or do you go pick up your partner then you get things done?

What would simply get you to do a movement of your choice today?