Small Stitches

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, July 25, 2017 edition: Small Stitches

If you’ve ever done any hand-sewing or clothing repairs, you’ve likely spent time threading a needle and trying to carefully place small stitches so that they both serve their purpose (repair a hole, hold on a button, change a hem, serve to be strong enough to hold seams in place) and look good enough for their purpose (remain invisible if needed, create a decorative effect if desired).

If you’ve never done any hand-sewing, take a moment to look at your shirt cuffs or pant or skirt hems. Would your clothing look different to you if the threads were high-contrast colors versus matching colors? What if the seams were unreliable? Your clothing would literally split at the seams.

What small stitches are needed to bring together the efforts in your daily movement activities? What holds together your actions? Do you need joint flexibility? Do you need increased muscle strength? Do you need specific therapy to recover from injury?

What efforts can you do today to address those issues? What small stitches are needed for specific purpose and to make your movement “look good” to you?

How will you move today?