Some or None Debate

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, April 18, 2018 edition: Some or None Debate

Do you ever catch yourself arguing with yourself about whether you “have enough time” to do a workout or a rehearsal or an activity? Maybe you’d *like* to get to the gym, but with traffic, having to work late, the time to get to the gym, and the time to get home again, you just barely have enough energy to drive home safely and collapse for the evening. The gym will have to wait.

Or maybe you really wanted to work on some of the latest dance drills, choreography, or that new sword skill you saw in an online lesson. But you haven’t cleared out the living room in a while, you have that article deadline looming, and it would be easier to work in the studio.

Or maybe you’d been meaning to go for a run. But the laundry isn’t done yet, your shoes really need to be replaced, and it’s still cold and snowy out / it’s started to get hot / it’s late and you don’t feel safe running alone.

Whatever your “I just cannot do a FULL workout” argument has been lately, what about a compromise plan? Is there some way you could just put on a five-minute song and move as slow or as energetically as you like, just to have a small dance break? Or maybe you can do some of those stretches or yoga poses you’d been meaning to do. Maybe you cannot do the entire routine you’d prefer, but what if you just did a few moves, poses, or stretches? What if you climbed one flight of stairs extra? Or startle the cat and dog and jump up and down to a fun beat?

What small movement choices can you do when pressed for time? Or if you’re definitely taking today for rest and recovery, what plans could you schedule on the calendar for tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday?