Spring Season

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, March 20, 2017 edition: Spring Season

The northern hemisphere has officially come in the Spring Season today (also, welcome to Autumn, our neighbors in the southern hemisphere). Do the changes in the seasons affect your movement habits?

For some, the increasing sunlight can affect mood or energy. The daylight hours can affect accessibility to different kinds of movement. Allergies might be in bloom (with everything else). Rain or snow or other weather changes could change your plans for movement. Or you may have your first warm weather in some areas. Sunny locations may experience increased heat waves.

Or this might means changing school schedules, increased weekend plans, or tax season could take up your time. Gardening may require new time commitments.

However the new season is affecting you, let us know how we can cheer you on or help you brainstorm. Or celebrate your successes. Do you need ideas for how to make your movement activities happen?