Sunday Arak

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, December 12, 2016 edition

Sunday Arak (Feta. Dana Leong)” by Balkan Beat Box (on Balkan Beat) — is a fairly slow song for fast dance moves, at only 100 beats per minute. In contrast, yesterday’s song was more like 122 beats per minute.

You might use this 5 minute song to work on tricky moves at a slower pace. Or you might use it to build your stamina (5 minutes can feel like FOREVER sometimes). Or you could try dancing slow moves on top of a semi-fast song, to see how that feels different to you.

Non-dancers: Maybe you’ll find these songs inspiring for all sorts of movement. You could be doing stretches, walks, sprints, gardening, house-cleaning, rock-climbing, running stairs… whatever gets you excited about moving.

Or any of us could be inspired by music when we are in chosen rest and recovery — to lift our spirits, to keep us connected to other friends who are listening to the same music, or just to relax.