Supporting your Supporters

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, January 21, 2017 edition: Asking for Help and Supporting your Supporters

Sometimes, after spending considerable time supporting other people, encouraging them, lifting them up, you may find yourself as the one struggling. Today, that’s me. I am worried about pains in my body. I am worried about a performance coming up that is highly challenging. I am stressed about the affairs of the world. I am frightened for my loved ones and the courageous things they are doing. And I am exhausted and near tears constantly today.

I have different questions for you all today: (a) How readily do you ask for help when you struggle, or do you keep it inside? (b) When your support givers are the ones in need, what encouragement do you share with them?

This is not just about me. I also want you to think about who are the supporters that lift you up when it comes to encouraging your movement habits. When those pillars of strength in *your* life need support, how can you be there for them?