Taksim Trio Concert and this blog announcement

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday January 6, 2017 edition:

Today, I’m providing you with one VERY LONG and wonderful concert link and one new blog resource. First, the music: Taksim Trio – Leverkusen Caz Festivali https://youtu.be/r0RGG1uFnQc

This is almost an hour of material. Please enjoy. You can use this to relax, stretch, dance, clean house, go walking, go running, listen in the car — whatever you like. I have this downloaded as an offline video for those odd moments when I have nothing but my phone and no streaming but want something enjoyable to listen to.

Second: I’ve created http://dailymovementprompts.com/ just because you all have really taught me that some of these prompts might be worth sharing widely. So if you ever want to look back over old prompts, music links, any of the archive — enjoy the public-facing site. You’re welcome to share and post those links anytime you like. I’m more than half-done posting the archived material, so you should have plenty of material to encourage you as you make your own movement choices.