That Feeling When

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, July 22, 2017: That Feeling When

Why do you pursue the movement you do? Each of us has a different reason. Sometimes, it can be summed up as That Feeling When…

  • …you are done working hard and you can relax
  • …you manage to go just a little bit further, or a little bit longer
  • …something that used to hurt doesn’t hurt as much anymore
  • …someone recognizes your dedication
  • …you celebrate your own dedication, regardless what others think
  • …you surprise yourself with a new accomplishment
  • …you can collapse now because you finished what you set out to do
  • …you don’t have to compete if you don’t want to
  • …you have the opportunity to compete when you want to
  • …you get to move because you chose this
  • …you managed to move when it wasn’t your choice
  • …you successfully rested when you knew you needed to step back
  • …you survived a recovery time even when you didn’t want to
  • …you set your own goals at your own pace
  • …you got this

Tell us something about that feeling when… that resonates for you.

How did you move today?