Three Times

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, June 10, 2017 edition: Three Times

Each day is new and has fresh opportunities for you to move or to rest. And even if you have been resting and recovering for a while now, maybe suffering from pain or indecision, that doesn’t define you.

You define you.

It might seem easy to cheer yourself on when you have been seeing success or progress. But do you know why I say, “No Pressure, No Shame” as a guiding principle? Because Shame cannot build anything. Shame can only tear down. Shame comes at us from so many directions already. Why would I welcome shame into my habits? What an unwanted tenant in my head.

I want to strongly suggest that you walk away from shaming yourself. Try refusing to repeat messages of shame at yourself. What motivations can you encourage instead?

Once is an occasion. Twice is a pattern. Three times is a habit. Consider cheering on your successes. You could build a habit of encouragement and honesty that says, “Yup. That’s where I am today. So here’s what I will do.” No shame, just honest work on your preferred habit building.

What movement did you choose today? How will you move tomorrow?