Transitions Drill

NEW VIDEO: CaySwann Dance: Level One Fast Transitions Drill
[private video, for CaySwannDance members only]

This drill is about trying to learn to think of the next move, then cue it (on purpose) on the 4 count so that the whole team starts together on 1. So you will notice that I name a move then count 2, 3, 4. Arms should move on 4 as the cue, then the body starts the new move on 1.

Of course, in real dance, you would not say the names out loud on a stage. But it is an extremely interesting game to play in rehearsal and in classes–to see if you CAN say what the next move is, and then dance it on the correct beat and phrase.

These moves are only the Level One Fast fundamental moves: Shimmy, Pivot Bump, Egyptian, and Arabic.

Music: “Golden Gate Mist” by Phil Thornton on his album “Nexus Tribal.”