Vocalizing Movement

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, February 7, 2017 edition: Vocalizing Movement
Do any of your favorite exercises or movements encourage you to make some noise while you do them? Any primal screaming at the summit of the mountains you climb? Or a hearty kee-YAH in your martial arts? Or a really strong *lalalalala* zagahreet when you dance?
To me, there’s something wonderful about taking in a huge breath and really letting loose sometimes, vocally, through the enjoyment of my activities. I may want to sing at the top of my lungs in a car, but then again on a walk in the wilderness. Or I might want to scream because of work or politics or relationship drama, and that release vocally goes well with a challenging workout or accomplishment. Even a hearty WHOOP! can improve my mood.
How about you? Do you vocalize? How does that deep breath affect you? Or the emotional release of a scream? Does it ever pair with the activities you choose for yourself?
How do you plan to move today?