What Inspires You?

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, March 6, 2017: What Inspires You?

I’ve asked about what motivates you in the past, but I’m also curious what inspires you? Sometimes inspiration and motivation blend together, other times they can be two completely different forces of influence.

I know that I am often inspired by witnessing what someone can do after hard work. For example, dance drills might not be inspirational but dance performances can be. So I might see a great performance and feel inspired, then put some rehearsals on my calendar for motivation.

When I have a successful accomplishment or personal record, this can be inspirational. When a friend encourages me to keep up the good work, I feel inspired to make the next accomplishment a reality.

How about you? What inspires you? How does this motivate you?

How will you move today? Or how will you embrace rest and recovery?