When You Want More

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, March 3, 2017 edition: When You Want More

What do you do to “find” time in your schedules? If you’ve looked over your tracking (see yesterday’s post) and you feel like you want to add more activity and movement to your life, how do *you* make that happen? Do you start just one day at a time? Do you schedule a few appointments for the week? Do you jump into big commitments? Do you set big goals and then break that down into smaller chunks?

I’m doing comparison shopping on gym memberships right now. I’m fairly certain I will require (a) 24/7 access and (b) multiple locations. I’m on the road for my commute between home and my day job (2 cities), on the road for 3 different cities to teach my dance classes, and already have a very full schedule. Adding something *to* that calendar like working out in a gym to use weights or machines, or signing up for a class, or adding more dance practice to my week is going to require some flexibility for time and place.

What works for you? What helped you make things happen when you really wanted them? What assistance did you enlist to support you?

How are you moving nowadays? How’s your rest coming, too?