My Four Food and Body Rules

Throwback: My original post about the four key points I think of when I consider movement, bodies, food, and personal choices.

October 27, 2015: So this came up in discussion with another friend, and I’m going to post one of my replies here. These are the points that are weighing on my heart. I know this looks TL;DR [too long; didn’t read] — But there’s only 4 points in my list below. I hope you might give my points a consideration. Thank you in advance.

(Food/Body Rule #1) You get to decide what to do with your own body. I don’t care if you sleep all day in a vat of chocolate or wear running shoes from your ears. You can do anything you want with your own body and I will defend that right. Also, your choices are not going to be my choices, and THAT’S OKAY.

(Food/Body Rule #2) I personally see harm when we “Moralize Food” — because your “clean” food is not necessarily my “clean” food. Do you keep kosher? You have different needs than someone who does not. Are you vegan? Again, different food choices. Allergic to something? AGAIN, different food requirements. See Rule (1) when contemplating Rule (2) [Personal Choice trumps someone telling me which food is okay and which is not.]

(Food/Body Rule #3) You are not obligated to pursue Health. You are human and worthy of accessible and respectful treatment, regardless of your “health.” If you cannot take the stairs, I’m not going to quiz you on whether that’s because of knees or injuries or fibromyalgia or fear of heights or vertigo or exhaustion from toddlers or elder care — I’m going to ensure you have a safe elevator or ramp or other accessibility means. You are not obligated to do sit-ups or go running or go walking or any other activity that could be described as “ableist” –> because See Rule (1). [Also, addendum: Your pursuit of any habit or activity doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else. See Rule (1) again.]

Finally, (Food/Body Rule #4): Your *behavior* tells me what level of respect you’ve earned from me. Were you calm? polite? considerate of someone else’s feelings? boundaries? abilities? interests? If you’re rude or mean, then I lose respect for you. If *I am* rude or mean, I must apologize, make amends, make changes in my behavior, and STILL suffer any consequences of my previous rude or mean behavior.