Your Passion Sweat

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, May 26, 2017 edition: Your Passion Sweat

Sometimes there are people who find their passion movement or activity that can help them overcome pain or struggles and makes them happy to sweat. Maybe you put on a suit of armor and pick up a sword, and all the sweat and pain pales in comparison to the love of the sword fight. Or maybe the long miles of riding a bicycle cross country is like no other passion you’ve tried.

I was showing my Physical Therapist what my dance form is like. And after the demo, my brain let me know about my body aches and I realized I hadn’t felt any pain while in my dance form teaching brain. And after any class when we break a sweat, I am beaming like a tiny kid on a holiday. My movement passion is the one that makes me happy to sweat and overcome body aches.

Has your workout or movement activity given you your passion sweat? How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Coaching Peers

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, May 24, 2017 edition: Coaching Peers

Have you ever been approved by a friend, a peer of yours, who could use an accountability partner or maybe just need some advice or support? Do you have friends you go to when you need some friendly coaching or help?

There are so many ways that helping one another can help motivate our *own* movement and growth. If you could reach out to one friend privately, give some thought about who that might be. And maybe take a chance. Strike up a conversation and see how you can improve your movement activities and choices with the help of a friend.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Moving Like Fuel

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, May 23, 2017 edition: Moving Like Fuel

I was spending some enjoyable time with a friend over lunch the other day, and we were talking about ways to brainstorm for motivation and methods for establishing successful habits. I love a technique I learned from a book about organization in which the author suggests that you take a strength in one area of your life and apply that strength to your intended new habit. For example, if you always pay your rent or mortgage on time, then figure out why you are good at that habit so you can apply those lessons learned to new skills you want to develop.

I was quizzing her about possible daily habits she might already have in place. And I asked, “Do you eat every day?” And she said, Yes. “Do you eat breakfast every day?” Again, yes. And in fact she added, she was reminded to eat because she needed food to take a morning medication. So we found two successful habits: There’s always breakfast, and there’s always successful observance of a medical need. The new habit she wants to build could be paired with this, either “Always do XYZ new habit right before breakfast, or always right after.”

This may not work the same for each of us, but it got me thinking about Movement as Fuel for my day. Regardless when I eat, what I eat, or how much (or little) variety there is I’m what I eat, I am successful at eating eventually every day. It’s possible some of my good habits about fuel for my body could be used as inspiration for my movement habits as fuel for my body.

If your habits about food are not your strengths, don’t be discouraged that this idea is completely useless for your situations. Perhaps this example can inspire you to think about what you ARE good at doing regularly, and use that for motivation for habit building.

I lack a strength in choosing variety in my food. I need to not just choose the same meals for months at a time. I might be able to take my strengths in movement variety and learn from those strengths to inspire more variety in my nutrition. Isn’t that just funny? I am amused at myself.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow? What strengths do you have already?

Perpetual Motion

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, May 22, 2017 edition: Perpetual Motion

When you are trying to break out of a rut, what helps you jump start your interest in movement? When you are in the middle of repetitive drills or activities, how do keep things fresh? When you want to get started, but you feel like you hold yourself back, how do you change the scene?

And when you are on a roll, how do you feed and maintain your energy?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Just Move

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, May 20, 2017 edition: Just Move

Several times this week, I have seen the phrase, “Just Move.” Whether that is motivation to get going each day or methods for dealing with frustrations, a simple movement can be helpful.

Is today the kind of day when you can just move? How will you move today? How does that movement help you?

Dealing with Frustration

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, May 19, 2017 edition: Dealing with Frustration

How do you deal with frustration? Have you found any tricks that help you improve your mood or help you put frustration into perspective? Have you seen other people deal with frustration well and been looking for ways to help your own coping? What tips could you give others about frustration?

I sometimes have to shift my activities to something completely different. When I went through a shoulder spasm or when I hurt my knee and limped for two years, it took distracting myself to learn to cope. I had to focus on what was left that my body *could* do, even though it wouldn’t do what I wanted (hence, frustration). Sometimes that meant crafts instead of dance, or teaching from a chair rather than by dancing.

Recovery is tough. There’s no shame in rest and recovery. And we each go through this at one time or another.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Set up for Success

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, May 18, 2017 edition: Set up for Success

So many people have been sharing great motivational ideas that keep them going. I really like, “Don’t wait. Just start.” from one of our readers. It makes me wonder what makes me jump up and get things done versus the times when I put things off and choose something else.

In one respect, I love giving myself the *freedom* to make my own choices. No pressure, no shame, I choose how and when I move. But at the same time, I *desire* to make additional movement choices as a pattern, so how can I set myself up for success?

Make things easy: like packing tomorrow’s before bed or putting workout clothing in my car. Make things enjoyable: like stocking up on additional podcasts on my iPod or creating good music playlists. Make things scheduled and routine: like weekly classes or calendar reminders that pop-up on my phone. Make things less lonely: like having accountability partners to share my success and my challenges.

How are you set up for success? How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?


Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, May 17, 2017 edition: Motivation

What motivates you? How do you decide what to be motivated about? A friend met me for lunch today to ask me how she gets started, figuring out her motivation.

I find that I have to brainstorm wild and crazy lists and then narrow them down. I might imagine all the things that seem interesting, then start grouping which ones are easy to try, which ones are free, which ones do I know someone doing them, which ones can I do in my area. Then I revisit those lists and narrowed down groups, maybe adjusting every quarter or once a year.

What motivates you to move? Why do you pursue your activities? How do you pick what you are working on?

Or what brainstorming do you need to do next? What wild lists do you need to narrow down? Or have you re-evaluated your key pursuits lately?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Current Small Goals

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, May 16, 2017: Current Small Goals
What are your current running “small” goals? The little steps that are working towards your big dreams? Maybe you have a long-distance bicycling goal, so you get on your bike 3x per week. Or maybe you want to earn the next belt in your martial arts form, so you are working through drills and assignments from class. Or maybe you recently endured a bout of illness or an injury, so you are doing specific therapy stretches or are having to increase your sleep to improve your health and recovery.
We celebrated some awesome achievements in the last post. Now I’d like to encourage the repeatably small steps that you are building on. Or, if you haven’t set some small, repeatable activities for your movement, is there something you’d like to start working on? What level of accountability would you like from the #MovementPrompts community?


Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday May 14, 2017: Achievements

Tell us something you are proud of lately. Big achievement, little achievement, surprise achievement, Achievement Unlocked. What can you celebrate and be pleased with?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?