About the Site

Daily Movement Prompts came out of several motivations:

  • My classroom rules:
    • No Pressure, No Shame
    • This Body, This Day
    • Choosing Movement, Personal Choice
  • Ways to suggest home dance practice for my classes
  • Ways to be accountable for my own personal movement choices
  • Fostering an encouragement community for movement or rest and recovery

This site focuses on non-weight-loss discussions. I’m not saying you can *never* discuss things that occur to you, but I’d like to encourage you to consider making goals that have nothing to do with body size or body weight. Movement because you love it, or like it, or just want to do it (even if it is currently vexing you *grin*)… There’s enough body-size and body-weight pressure in the world already. I want to encourage a completely different approach to healthy brains.

About the Photos

Yes, that is really me in the photos. young girl in a ballet outfit, smiling and looking excited, then same girl several years later, posed on one knee, wearing a cheerleading outfit and holding pom-poms

  • The little ballerina on the front lawn with her kitty cat: That’s from the early 1970s in suburban Ohio. The first dance class I took was before Kindergarten, and you can see I was quite excited.
  • The cheerleader image: I was in third grade and this was the only year I was a cheerleader. My best friend at the time and I made a list once of every cheer and chant we knew. We stopped counting when it was more than 100 separate pieces. I would religiously polish my saddle shoes before every game and I couldn’t lose my voice (it lasted every game, no matter how much I pushed it).

And the rest of the images I use for the meme summaries? That’s my own photography in nearly every one. I drive a lot in Southern California, and there are some amazing vistas. That’s really what my drives look like. (So far, only the green leaf in early June 2017 was a stock image from an app.)