I Believe in You

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, April 26, 2018 edition: I Believe in You

I have to admit: Sometimes thinking about how to encourage people can be a challenge. I want to share how wonderful it is to find accomplishments even when there are limitations. I want to cheer people on to “do just one more!” when they want to quit, and see their excitement when they realize they accomplished more than they thought they could. I love conducting a “dance class” from a chair if someone has major knee trouble. Or sticking with slow moves if bouncing fast would be burdensome. Or doing my own stretches from modified postures to accomodate my own body issues.

But each of us has to make that personal choice. Each of us faces our own aches and pains, our own immunization system, our own issues as we age or recovery from injury. Each of us has different preferences for movement we enjoy and activities we detest.

No one else can *MAKE* you move or pursue activities. (And if you’re being pressured, that’s a different topic that should be addressed.)

But if there’s one thing I can say today to encourage, let it be this: I believe in you. If you want to do a thing, go do a thing! I’ll happily be your cheerleader. I’d love to applaud your accomplishments. Go be awesome.