Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, August 1, 2017 edition: Hopefulness

One struggle that some experience when facing injury, depression, or stress is a sense of hopelessness. Maybe it seems like you’ll always be in pain. Or you’ll never feel healthy again. Or why bother moving when it never seems to pay off?

There is a folk story in which a king wanted to find the answer to a riddle: What will make a happy man sad or a sad man happy? It takes him a very long time to find the answer, but in the end it was simply: “This too shall pass.”

Even in the midst of pain and struggle, there can be moments of hopefulness. There were thunderstorms and 100°F temperatures where I live today, and it was oppressive. But just as I got into the car at the end of the day and started to pull away, this double rainbow in today’s image appeared. “This too shall pass.”

How have you experienced hopefulness through movement or activity? Does even a simple walk help you feel like you can tackle things? Does stretching or dancing restore your soul? What hopefulness have you worked toward recently? What hopefulness could you use through a supportive community?

How have you moved today? How will you move tomorrow?