How to Weekend

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, April 15, 2017 edition: How to Weekend

There are many default attitudes I notice in the U.S. Many people assume that the “weekend” falls on Saturday and Sunday. Typically, people think everyone celebrates the same holidays. And most people seem to think that exercise required tennis shoes and sports stores for equipment or inspiration.

I love to break those molds. I love to challenge the notions that not all of us are married to the U.S. work week calendar. To me, Monday and Tuesday are my relaxing days (or my alternate weekend). And while many of my friends and family have a holiday tomorrow, my 8-day holiday doesn’t end until Monday, when I will celebrate by eating breads and leavened foods again. And my idea of favorite exercise involves very big skirts and barefeet. 💛💚💙

How do you “Weekend” in your home? Is that your rest time? Is that your first time to run around and “do all the things?” Is your weekend on different days than everyone else around you?

How will you move today?