Move, Just Move

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, May 10, 2017 edition: Move, Just Move

Move, just move. Do you ever feel like that could be your mantra? It might get you through those last miles on your long training runs. It might get you out of bed when you’re exhausted. It might get you up that last flight of stairs. It might get you to the end of a long dance set. It might get you to finish those last reps on the latest workout.

Or it might be the mantra that gets you up when you haven’t been moving lately.

Whether you need to break a cycle of indecision or immobility, or if you need the strength to get to the end of your last press of energy, let us know how we can cheer you on for your efforts. And if you need to choose to rest and/or recover, then embrace it. Claim it. It’s *your* personal choice. And we got ‘yer back.