Moving through Emotions

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, July 4, 2017 edition: Moving through Emotions

Each of us experiences different emotions to varying degrees and different times. Some people work through their various emotions through their movement choices. Other times, the movement or activity planned may need to be shifted because of the emotions experienced at the time.

When I was going through some horrible times, about 17 years ago, I had a membership at the local Y. I would get up extremely early and swim in the 5 o’clock hour. No one can tell if you’re crying while swimming. It probably wasn’t the best solution but it worked for me at the time.

I am friends with tons of folks who do various sword fighting techniques. And frequently they will warn each other, “Do not fight mad.” And while it might seem like hitting things when angry would be awesome, I have also watched friends really hurt themselves by not being in control when throwing sword shots on a padded target.

I know some people find running immensely helpful when processing heavy emotions. Others find yoga can bring out strong emotions. Others will dance themselves into heavy exhaustion as a processing technique.

What have you experienced? Do your movement choices help you process emotions? Do you need to adjust your movement choices when you’re overwhelmed with things in life?

How have you moved today? How will you move tomorrow?