The importance of daily progress

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday December 3, 2016 edition: The importance of daily progress

Why do we need to work on our body every day? We have class once a week, isn’t that enough?

Insert smiles and laughter here. You are all on a Daily Prompts list. I think you already see the benefits of daily movement, at least theoretically if not in practice.

So let’s think about what was the last thing you worked on that you thought, “I should work on this some more.” Was it a stretch? I have a tight hamstring on my left, I definitely want to stretch it more. Is it mobility in your wrists? Does the floreo challenge your forearms? Is it a coordination issue? Putting together layers like an Arabic *and* a Shimmy at the same time? Is it stamina for keeping arms lifted and shoulders relaxed?

Me? I have hamstring stretches to repeat. And I will continue to aim for knee bends. How will I get there? By doing work *today.*

Now, yesterday has left us. No pressure, no shame. Today is here. Which *ONE* thing will you try working on, even for just one moment, today?