At Least I Can

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, August 6, 2017 edition: At Least I Can

Recently, I have heard people saying they are stuck and they don’t know what to do next. Sometimes it’s because they have fallen out of habits. When we break the streak of having done good things, sometimes it’s hard to jump back in and start over. Other times, maybe we’re coming back from an injury or a long time without moving. It seems so overwhelming, where do I start?

But “Today” does not judge us because we’re not where we were “Yesterday.” In fact, Today is only right now. Today never knows about Yesterday. I know that we can see past, present, and future in our imaginations. But Present-Me can only be Present-Me.

This is why one of my rules in dance class is, “This Body, This Day.” So rather than get frustrated with what I cannot do, I like to play a game I call, “At least I can.” At least I can stand up and sit down… so, can I do that five times? At least I can walk these stairs… so, can I do that two times? At least I can sit in a chair and hold my arms up… Can I do that for 30 seconds? Can I do that for 60 seconds? At least I can bend and raise my legs in the air, one at a time, from a chair… can I do 10 repeats of this?

When you get stuck and you don’t know where to go next for your movement, maybe you could play a game of, “At least I can.” Let us know how you were able to move and encourage yourself. We can all, at least, do a happy dance for you.