One More Stitch

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, August 7, 2017: One More Stitch

I love the phrase “the fabric of our lives.” Because I work with textiles, this resonates with me. Even if you have never worked on anything crafty or textiles-centric, we all come into contact with fabric every day.

Imagine for a moment how fabric is constructed: Threads or fiber are interlocked in a variety of ways to make a solid layer than can then be manipulated to fit loose or tight, unyielding or stretchy, warm or cool, to fill a purpose or even just to be decorative.

Our lives are like that: There are threads that weave through our days. Some parts of our lives are more functional, some are more decorative. Some parts of life are loose fitting, some are tailored, some are tight and constrictive.

How you move in your daily life helps build the fabric of your life. It might be only one stitch today, it might be only one thread. You might cut threads loose that have started to bind and scratch. You might bring new threads in that are bright and encouraging.

What threads are running through the fabric of your life lately? What threads should be cut? What threads would you like to add?

How will you move today?