Cause and Effect

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, December 9, 2016 edition: Cause and Effect

Once again, the 19-year-old got me thinking. He complained last night that he was in pain and decided to go soak in a hot shower. I asked if he’d done any moving around *AT ALL* that day, and of course the answer was No. He’d gotten up, worked on his computer in his room or on the couch, and that was it. I suggested that maybe his pain would be reduced if he started moving more. He had a snarky comeback about how sometimes people *know* they need to move but they’re already too sore to move.

Do you have any Cause and Effect incidents going on in your life right now? Maybe you *know* that you feel better after you do your yoga and/or stretching, but right now you don’t *feel* like doing the yoga or stretches? Or you love the way you feel when you finish your run, but you hate the way it feels when you *start* your run? Or maybe you’re too cold to get up and move, but moving always warms you up?

What reluctance has been part of your day? Which cause and effect in movement do you have to grapple with?