Handling Blahs

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday February 6, 2017 edition: Handling Blahs
What do you do when you’re experiencing the Blahs for your movement of choice? The routine bores you. Laundry excites you more. You’d rather move furniture. You’d rather curl up in a hot tub (okay, guilty here: I’m always up for a hot tub, even when I’m not experiencing the blahs).
When you get bored or down on the exercise or movement you used to love, how do you pick yourself back up? Do you engage help from others? from a partner? from a community? Do you change up to an alternate movement? Do you find a new goal or challenge? Do you “endure” the drudgery and hope for improvement?
Are you currently experiencing any blahs? Have you recently conquered some blahs?
How do you plan to move today?