How We Motivate

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, February 19, 2017 edition: How We Motivate

When I teach my dance classes, I use as my Rule #1: “No Pressure, No Shame.” This came after witnessing very different approaches over my lifetime of dance classes, exercise motivations, and society pressure about body size. I saw friends pressure each other, “Come on! Come to class with me!” (with the underlying notion that the other person shouldn’t be able to say No). I saw people shame each other, “Did you see how she still couldn’t do XYZ?” I saw Instructors and Coaches pressure and shame their teams or students, “Harder! Move it! You lazy bums! Step it up!”

I constantly wonder why this seems like an appropriate motivation technique. I am of the opinion that tearing down someone or yourself does not build anyone up. Granted, I know there are people who *have* accepted this as appropriate. But I choose to stand against it.

So how *do* we motivate one another in ways that do not pressure or shame? How do we motivate ourselves without pressure or shame?

Which motivating messages have been successful for you? How have you moved today? Or did you get to choose rest and recovery today?