Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, May 17, 2017 edition: Motivation

What motivates you? How do you decide what to be motivated about? A friend met me for lunch today to ask me how she gets started, figuring out her motivation.

I find that I have to brainstorm wild and crazy lists and then narrow them down. I might imagine all the things that seem interesting, then start grouping which ones are easy to try, which ones are free, which ones do I know someone doing them, which ones can I do in my area. Then I revisit those lists and narrowed down groups, maybe adjusting every quarter or once a year.

What motivates you to move? Why do you pursue your activities? How do you pick what you are working on?

Or what brainstorming do you need to do next? What wild lists do you need to narrow down? Or have you re-evaluated your key pursuits lately?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?