Thinking of Dominos

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, January 8, 2017 edition:

My brain happens to love visual imagery and metaphors. These often inspire me and give me concepts for understanding. I was pondering dominos recently, and how they are consistently spaced to be effective. Our days can look like dominos to us, sometimes. Yesterday feeds into Today feeds into Tomorrow, making a long line of our progress and accomplishments.

But here is one possible misleading idea: That if I break my streak (of anything) that I have lost all my work, that I need to start over, or that I have “ruined” the line of dominos in front of me. Not at all, my dear friends. When we take a day off, or we change our routine, or we’re out for illness or injury, or we just lose interest, or our access to some activity is cut-off…. That hasn’t ruined anything. Even misplacing or losing a steps tracker or its charge goes dead does not mean that our steps “don’t count.”

So while I am slightly amused at picturing time spread out like a beautiful domino structure, I also know that it cannot tell me everything about movement in my days. I still can shake off a metaphor when it no longer serves a purpose and decide how I will move my body today, regardless how I measured my movement.

How will you move your body today, in measured or unmeasured ways?