Workouts For Free

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, January 7, 2017 edition:

We did it. We made it through the first week of the new year. Here we are with a fresh Saturday before us. How are your movement choices doing today? Is it rest and recovery time? First day in a new class? Are you working out with friends or partners? Trying a video class?

Sometimes we can look for creative ways to “workout for free.” I like to challenge myself to “exhaust all my free options” as a way to break free of the marketing clouds in January each year. Lifting weights? I have put canned goods or water-filled containers in canvas shopping bags or pillow cases, then done weight exercises with those. Interested in my core muscles? While watching the Rose Parade on TV, I did various small reps with my torso (pull the abs in, let them out, tilt left, tilt right, sit forward, lean back gently) for several floats and several bands, until I felt a good use of my muscles. Having knee trouble? I practiced my knee PT exercises, for the next several floats and bands.

What sorts of creative workouts have you put together from found objects and your own body mobility? What kinds of movement are you currently learning or improving?