Delayed Effects

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, July 28, 2017 edition: Delayed Effects

Building long-term goals with incremental skill development can mean that we don’t always see the effects of our work. One class, one workout, one yoga session, one set in the pool or ocean, one more walk or run, one set of stairs, one set of weights, one rehearsal, one drill… in the moment it is hard to see what the single session does.

And sometimes the effect of our movement is delayed until the muscles have had a day or two to absorb the impact. Physical Therapy may not reduce the pain today, but you may feel better a few days later. A challenge to do more squats won’t necessarily show results but you may feel the workout tomorrow morning. Incremental changes in the frequency of your movement may not be obvious for weeks or months. But it adds up.

Does the delay affect you? Are you frustrated when you don’t see results right away? Or do you have a habit of checking your progress after longer intervals? If you’ve been doing movement incrementally for a while now, can you see the delayed effects now that time has passed?

What incremental movement are you working on lately? How will you move today?