Finding Brightness

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, February 1, 2018: Finding Brightness

It can be very tough to think about going out and moving your body, engaging in exercise, or pursuing those challenging activities if you feel trapped in dark situations. You may be going through illness or injury. Maybe family life dynamics are a struggle. Finances are worrisome. Political or social climates are weighing you down. You’re could be hurting or sad or depressed. How can you think about moving at a time like this?

How do you find your bright spots in life? It’s hard to make suggestions that may resonate with you. It’s hard to think of examples that resonate with me, sometimes. But when I think about it, sometimes the little achievements help me feel better about my day. The world may have gone mad, but I managed to take five minutes for stretches or sit-ups. Or I closed the door, put on a song, and just moved abstractly as the music inspired me. Or I met up with a friend and we dashed up a flight of stairs together. We may need to heave and gasp at the top of the trail, but we did it.

What small bright spot can you add to your day today? Can you take five minutes to move and engage your body? Can you be a friend to someone else who needs a bright spot?

It is my wish that you have an additional bright spot today that gives you a small boost. You’re not alone.