Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, June 4, 2017 edition: Repeatable

Have you ever gotten excited about a new routine, habit, or system, jumped in all excited in day one, two, maybe even three, and then never returned to it again? What made it so hard to keep going? What made it so easy to stop?

I think the issue for me boils down to what’s *REALLY* repeatable. What habits do I *enjoy* (or maybe at least I don’t actively hate them) and I find still interesting and possible in my already full and existing life with habits. Whenever I shift a pattern, I have to wonder if the new pattern is repeatable.

Let’s say you did come up with a goal for this month. Let’s say you even acted on it for a few days now. What is repeatable about those actions? Are you ready to do it again today? Can you expand on your ideas? Can you set the same schedule? What could be a road block?

Let’s say you knocked down some road blocks JUST for today. Can you repeat an activity, drill, movement, or exercise today? What movement will you repeat today, to build habits that take you to your next goal? And if today needs to be rest and recovery, what steps can you repeat on your next activity day?

Be encouraged, you can make these movement choices. Your way, your timing.