Unusual Ways to Build Stamina

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday March 9, 2017 edition: Unusual Ways to Build Stamina

When I talk to various people about making changes in their movement or building movement decisions based on long-range plans, it is amazing how often their goals include “Increased Stamina.” The teen in college tells me he needs better stamina because he wants to go on longer hikes or just never be winded climbing stairs. The dancer who is either coming back from a break or trying to advance in skills talks about building her stamina to dance longer. The swimmer has new long-distance laps to work on. The cyclist is increasing her long training days. And of course the marathon runner has a brain uniquely set on stamina goals.

But if you already have a full-time job or a long work day or a family depending on you for all the errands or… Name your time sink, then how can you work on stamina?

I have been enjoying some television shows on my tablet lately, and while I do love curling up in bed and relaxing, I don’t *always* feel like I have to collapse. And I have been thinking about standing and walking in place, or doing some of my dance drills without music — maybe not for the entire episode, maybe just from one commercial break to the next. Or sometimes I read on my Kindle at my desk on my lunch hour. I could easily stand up and walk in place or just bounce on my toes a bit, for at least some of my reading break. I sit down for most of my work day, and I could use the movement.

What creative methods have you tried for building stamina? What ideas might you try next?

How did you move today?