Your Today skills, Your Today abilities, and Your Today body

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, January 2, 2017 edition:

For me, today is ROSE PARADE day! I was a marching band and drum corps Participant. I was in the 86 Rose Parade (Pasadena PCC Honor Band), the 86 Rose Festival (with my HS marching in in Portland, OR), and the 86 Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps (DCI finals in Madison WI). The athletic requirements to march a parade or a field show are extensive, and I know my current body cannot do what my 17-year-old body did.

But in an embrace of “This Body, This Day,” I am reminded to take stock of who I am now and how far I have come. So today’s movement, I would like to encourage you to celebrate your Today skills, your Today abilities, and your Today body.

– * – * – * –

Finally, because there are nearly 30 new members who just joined the list, I want to review my Pinned post.

This group came out of several motivations: (a) my classroom rules: [1] No Pressure, No Shame, [2] This Body, This Day, and [3] Choosing Movement, Personal Choice; (b) ways to suggest home dance practice for my classes; (c) ways to be accountable for my own personal movement choices; (d) fostering an encouragement community for movement or rest and recovery.

It has expanded WAY BEYOND my first ideas, as many friends and acquaintances have joined us from non-dance disciplines. So it has made me think about other movement styles: Hiking, climbing, yoga, running, walking, swimming, Tai chi, weight lifting, team sports, individual competitions, and other interests of the folks on here.

It is important to me that this discussion space is mostly non-weight-loss. I’m not saying you can *never* discuss things that occur to you, but I’d like to encourage you to consider making goals that have nothing to do with body size or body weight. Movement because you love it, or like it, or just want to do it (even if it is currently vexing you *grin*)… There’s enough body-size and body-weight pressure in the world already. I want to encourage a completely different approach to healthy brains.

So, House Rules: Play Nice. Participate as you feel led. Respect yourself and respect one another.

– * – * – * –

Let us know how you plan to celebrate your Today body. And tell us about your movement today as part of this new mindset.