Being Thoughtful

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, January 29, 2017 edition: Being Thoughtful.

My Sweetie and I have been discussing what happens when we get distracted. Maybe we are distracted by exciting things, “Lookee! I made this new thing! Can we go fabric shopping? I have another idea!” Or sometimes we are distracted by frustrating or sad things, “There’s this thing in the news. There’s a protest, should we plan to go? How can we get a step ahead of this other thing?” Or just the day-to-day distracts, “Our plans with friends were cancelled because they got sick. Let’s clean the closet out. Oh, now there’s all this ironing. I’m hungry, let’s get food. I’m sleepy, g’night.”

We both want to be thoughtful about our days. We have goals and long-term plans. We have to-do lists and small tasks to get done and errands to run. How do we also work thoughtfully toward good movement choices?

How do you do it? How do you center back on taking care of yourself, choosing movement that makes you feel better? How will you move thoughtfully today?